Nugget Point/Cannibal Bay/Surat Bay

Seals New Zealand

Explore the beach and surrounding wildlife with a tour to Nugget Point lighthouse, then travel to Cannibal Bay renowned for its' sea lions. Walk along Cannibal Bay Beach through the sand dunes to Surat Beach, a historic shipwreck site.

Nugget Point

 Travel north through the Karoro Road passing through Nuggetburn, the site of an old whaling station, now in use as mooring for private boats. As you round the corner you will see the breath taking site of the Nugget Lighthouse. You can continue on a gentle walk which takes about 10 minutes to get to the lighthouse. Often along this Coastline you can view New Zealand fur seals or Kekeno.

Nugget PointHead to another beach north of the township of Owaka where you can walk at your leisure along the sandy Cannibal Bay. After walking through the sand dunes into Surat Bay you will come across a favourite spot where many fur seals and sea lions, bask in the sun. The sea lions, considerably larger than the fur seals have moved from their breeding grounds in the Auckland Islands.